E Commerce

E-Commerce had been rapidly growing in the country in the last decade and have even brighter prospects in the coming years. It wasn’t easy for the shopping websites to penetrate in the Indian market as it was majorly driven by Brick & Mortar shops.

People had a lot of apprehensions initially in purchasing any big ticket item online. However, the likes of Flipkart and Amazon have given a lot of comfort to consumers by their customer friendly policies. Flipkart entered the country when E-Commerce was in very nascent stage. It has played pivotal role in development of the online marketplace in the country. There are many drivers in favour of online shopping which customers are realizing now.

  • Customer Support: Customer support of the e-commerce companies like Flipkart and Amazon is amazing. You can reach out to them for any query on click of a button.
  • Return/Replacement Policy: Online websites provide good return/replacement policy where customer can return the item if it’s defective. This is even better than nearby stores where returns are very cumbersome once you leave the shop.
  • Competitive Prices: Prices offered by online shopping sites are very competitive and customer is able to save good money with the help of bank offers. Moreover, customer don’t need to worry about negotiation as the prices are fixed.
  • Reliable Delivery: Delivery of items is hassle free. Customers get to know the delivery date while placing the order and customers can bank upon the date. 
  • Variety: Customers get a lot of choices without the need to travel too much.

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