My understanding of the book : The power of your subconscious mind

What is the purpose of life? Nobody is very sure. In the middle of a very busy day, suddenly my mind goes into contemplating the “why” behind all of my life. I wonder if we’ll ever know why we have been chosen by nature to be the lucky few who live on this planet, especially as ‘Homo-sapiens’, and what is expected of us?

I read a book recently, “The Power of your subconscious mind” by Joseph Murphy and it has literally changed my view & perception of how the universe works. Here, I’m sharing my understanding of the reading.

Some people believe the purpose is to be successful in every walk of life – career, relationships, general routine, etc. On the other hand, some people say salvation is the ultimate aim, with the help of their faith and worship or by philanthropy and charity, that the soul needs to be freed of all sins.

Humans have evolved genetically, nonetheless by communicating. With the advent of communication skills, large communities came into the picture which went along just by sharing similar thoughts, perceptions and by gaining relationships. Very soon after, religions, gods, castes, territorial boundaries, and other similar groups bases followed and highlighted the picture of human civilization, which I think, are nothing but bits of imagined reality. The unsaid rules for abstract emotions of success, glee, gloom, and failure are not written anywhere. It is the society that has pushed every human to go by these never-reviewed rules, or else she’d be deemed eccentric.

Hence, in this rat race for success, fame, money, and (thus?) happiness, a person keeps on pushing herself beyond her limits. And with the ever-growing world, there’s no time to pause. Two things have suffered and are still suffering the most – Nature and Mental Peace. In the name of development, Nature is being tortured so much so that the carrying capacity of Earth is being exploited today and not just utilized, and we can all see how the Earth is reclaiming itself these days. We have absolutely no right to complain.

Another thing that is being lost is mental peace. Homo-sapiens have been known to make their own rules which are mostly selfish in nature. But, none of the rules advocate for the sustenance of mental peace. In the race for money, people are working day and night, being couch potatoes, ruining their physical health. Also, due to these many working hours, they have literally no time to refresh by connecting with themselves, with their bodies, and with Nature. This lack of connection is then portrayed in all their relationships and connections (which had helped humans earlier to evolve and such that they can never be competed with by other species)

I personally believe that this whole world is a matrix of thoughts. Our minds are interconnected and the thoughts in the form of energy (or vibes, as we say) transmit from one to another via the subconscious. That’s a theory followed by many. I think the ultimate aim of life may be to create and maintain peace all over the world just by maintaining mine. If I send out positive vibes into the matrix, I may be helping someone who has negative thoughts at the moment. This way, not only my mental health will improve but it may help someone else as well. This might be it or not. But, we can try, one positive thought, one good vibe, one person’s mental peace at a time.

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