This may be an eye-opener!

Do you know every 5 years lead to an increase of 1 degree in the average temperature across the country? And that there are just 28 trees per head in our country? Maybe someone is cutting down more trees to fulfil his/her ambition/needs/wants at this very moment, to further decline this figure. I don’t know if these are authentic figures or not. However, we know that the natural conditions around us advocate the deterioration. We can see it around us.

Isn’t it alarming? There’s no single person who is appreciating this soaring temperature. People dread going to work or stepping out of houses these days. What do you think is causing this kind of weather with such an enormous temperature (high enough to not even let the ACs work efficiently)? We all know the answer. But we are actually doing nothing in this regard, to curb it, to do something at least on our behalf. We all read such posts, contemplate, get tensed, and move on. It’s easier for us because we have coolers, ACs, water to drink, bathe, wash, and waste. We are reading this (& I am writing this) sitting in an air-conditioned room. But look at those who don’t have much of it, and empathize. You’ll feel it, I know.

We can’t go and help everyone, but there is a way. For all the trees cut down, we must plant more and encourage more people. We must find ways to save our nature and ultimately ourselves. This is a request to everybody who was patient enough to read through and reach here that, anybody who knows about how it can be done on a larger scale, should share it with everyone he/she knows. A little spark can lead to a fire, as we say. So, can we please start and spread this fire?

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